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Welcome to the most impassioned, knowledgeable, and creative Husky Dog Expert on earth! From custom Dog vehicles to a virtually full time pit crew staff and a million things in between you've never seen anything like this! It's all to give Husky Dogs the most fulfilled life possible!

You might think you have heard of wild and you might think you know some Dog Trainers, BUT you have never seen anything like what the WooFDriver does almost on a daily basis! Dispelling myths and rewriting the understanding of this breed is only part of my everyday practices as my Extraordinary Dog designed lifestyle merges technology and instinct into areas few have ever ventured! Not accepting something can't be done and stopping at almost nothing to make Dog's Dreams happen are what this is all about.

WooFDriver is the best kept secret involving Dogs ever! You see without any corporate funding or desired monetary return, outside influence is not happening here!! You will see I am an untamed guy answering to nobody (but my Dogs) just craving excitement and adventure for Dogs and documenting every step along the way so you can learn and enjoy!

If you love Dogs and want to escape the boundaries others say exist, than you don't want to miss this. It will never be repeated or made available ever again. This is my sharing - nobody else comes close to what I have done and am doing and I could at anytime decide to keep these treasures private as time and financial concerns can mount. Get what you can while it lasts, as with everything, a good thing can stop at any time.

While the Internet and social media are flooded with cute pictures of pups and Dogs you will be inspired here to make your own!! The only difference, is that this isn't only about cute or pretty. You see every picture here tells a story and most of the time it's more like a novel.

To learn more about my vast experiences with huskies, as well as everything the WoofDriverProject has to offer, click the icons listed below.

I am also committed to providing the answers to all your husky related questions and give you a further understanding of the breed. Please check out the pages section to learn everything from how they live, to how to train your husky to increase you and your dog's quality of life.

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